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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Augmented reality presents the user with visual, auditory or other sensory information overlaid onto the real world in order to deliver an enhanced experience.

It is different from virtual reality as it adds to the world as it is (rather than creating its own cyber environment).

The experience is created using digital elements delivered via technology which can include mobile phones, tablets and lap tops.

Augmented reality has previously been heavily adopted as a marketing tool. Many retailers are now adopting it as part of the shopping experience. Your audience may have also interacted with AR within games. The takeaway is that AR is fast becoming mainstream.

It easy for new users to begin to use, with very little technical expertise required to engage with the media (if a person can take a photo on their phone, they will be able to use AR technology). If your audience requires additional assistance to aid accessibility (for example elderly users), we can adapt the on boarding process to suit. Examples of adapting interactions for audiences with specific

challenges include limiting the manipulations required to navigate the experience (e.g. avoiding pinch or rotate movements if the audience may have limited mobility in their hands or limited hand eye coordination, limiting manipulations to simple tap and swipe instead).

Working with our team of expert partners, we employ empathy from the outset in the design process, taking the time to envision the audience’s needs and journey. This not only saves time and therefore reduces cost, it ensures a better user experience ‘out of the box’. As seamless experience means better engagement results.

The SCL Agency have identified the opportunity to enhance learning and knowledge exchange results through the application of AR. AR applications allow users to be brought closer to the personalised experience within their own environment.

Here’s a good example of how AR can enrich a learning experience to increase engagement:

Imagine how this might apply to your project or program!

Contact the SCL Agency to discuss you bespoke project or program requirements.

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