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What is a Talking Head Video?

Talking head videos appeal to a large audience and are an engaging way to communicate with your stakeholders.

A talking head video is a a simple video, usually involving just one interviewee or Subject Matter Expert (SME). To ensure the focus is on the interviewee, the background is usually simple and they are shown from the chest or waist up to ensure focus on their speech.

The interviewee will usually be talking directly into the camera (addressing the learner directly) and can be framed in the centre or to one side.

Why use talking head videos?

  • Talking head videos are easy to create and therefore lend themselves well to collecting testimony and experiences in the field. They are a fantastic tool for capturing the experience of communities if you need to demonstrate the impacts of a project to your stakeholders.

  • Talking head videos include audio and visual content and therefore cater to all learning styles.

  • They add a human element to content that otherwise might be hard to digest.

  • Bite sized content deliver aids microlearning. By utilising effective video titles, a learner can tailor their own learning experience which improves focus and therefore knowledge uptake.

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