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Connecting citizens to science (CCS) is a global health podcast that originates from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in partnership with The Stop, Collaborate and Listen Agency (The SCL Agency). The podcast was born in January 2022 out of a desire to understand how researchers and scientists work with people and communities in diverse settings and across topics.

Our podcast has conversations with researchers, policy-makers, patients, survivors and advocates from across the globe who engage with people and communities to make real changes in global health. Through informal conversations we explore research methods and disciplinary approaches that are used to co-produce knowledge and solutions to complex challenges. 

Currently each series in this podcast has a disciplinary, topical or contextual theme e.g. climate change, vector control, gender, participation and accountability in informal settlements. We want to grow with you!  We always love to hear about innovative research methods and how they were applied in new scenarios and environments.


If you have great experiences around knowledge exchange that need to be shared with the research community, get in touch about being a guest on our show, and of course, please like and follow!

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