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Website Design & Support

About this service.......

The digital space is a busy one. The SCL Agency will ensure your website for your research program or conference stands out. Websites need to be functional and offer a seamless user experience as well as looking pleasing to the eye.

At the start of your journey with SCL, we will establish personas with you to ensure we design a user experience with your audience in mind.

What is a Persona?

To design an effective user experience, you need to understand who your users are. Personas are representations of your target audience. If data is available, SCL will use this to inform the design of your personas. If the project is new and there is no data available, we'll work with you to establish personas based on your experience and knowledge of the audience.

The output of this process will be persona sheets which will include information on:

  • Demographics

  • Their expectations

  • Their problems

  • Their behaviours

  • How they use technology

How do we use Personas?

Once personas have been established, we understand the user groups that need to be served and can design an innovative content plan to deliver an excellent user experience (UX).

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