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Research Podcasting

About this service.......

Podcasts are a relatively new format to deliver knowledge exchange in the global science and health fields.

They are a fantastic tool to help you engage with your audience. By communicating using audio files, your podcasters can inject personality and enthusiasm which otherwise might not be communicated to your audience, this helps establish a higher degree of authenticity.

Podcasts are one of the easiest digital formats to consume as the audience can listen on the move. Ease of consumption improves uptake and therefore engagement. A podcast is a real opportunity to build a relationship with your stakeholders.

The SCL Agency offer a complete podcast design and delivery service, including:

  • Scoping

  • Branding

  • Organisation of guests

  • Hosting of episodes

  • Descript

  • Recording

  • Review

  • Full marketing kit

  • Full editing service

  • Translation into additional languages

  • Talking head videos

Talk to us about whether your program could feature as part of our Connecting Citizens to Science series.

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