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New health systems strengthening podcast series!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Population Services International (PSI) is a global health organisation dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world. PSI focuses on delivering affordable and accessible health products, services, and information to empower individuals to lead healthier lives.

Their initiatives span a wide range of health issues, including family planning, HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal and child health, and more. PSI employs innovative and sustainable approaches to reach communities, working in collaboration with governments, local organisations, and the private sector. The organisation aims to create lasting impact by improving health outcomes and strengthening health systems in diverse cultural and socio-economic contexts.

It was PSI’s willingness to embrace innovative communication methods that brought them together with The SCL Agency to develop the Health Systems Pathways podcast series.

Podcasting serves as an effective tool for research dissemination and promotion, here’s 7 reasons why;

Accessibility and Convenience: Podcasts are easily accessible and can be consumed at any time, allowing researchers to reach a wider audience without geographical constraints. Listeners can engage with the content during their daily activities, such as commuting or exercising, making it a convenient medium for disseminating research findings.

Storytelling and Engagement: Podcasts provide an opportunity to present research in a more conversational and engaging format. Researchers can use storytelling techniques to make complex topics more relatable and interesting to a broader audience. This narrative approach can enhance understanding and retention of key research messages.

Multimodal Content: Podcasts can incorporate various multimedia elements, such as interviews, soundbites, and real-life examples, making the content more dynamic and engaging. This flexibility allows researchers to convey information in a way that suits the nature of their research and the preferences of their target audience.

Building a Community: Podcasts can help researchers build a community around their work. Regular episodes create a sense of continuity, fostering a dedicated audience interested in ongoing developments. This community can provide valuable real-time feedback, create a network of like-minded individuals, and contribute to the overall impact and relevance of the research.

Promoting Collaboration: Podcasts offer a platform for researchers to collaborate and engage in discussions with peers, experts, stakeholders and funders. This collaborative aspect can broaden the perspectives presented, encourage interdisciplinary conversations, and facilitate knowledge exchange.

Increased Visibility: Podcasts can enhance the visibility of research, especially in fields where traditional dissemination methods may not reach a broad audience. Effective promotion through social media and other online platforms can attract a diverse audience, including policymakers, practitioners, and the general public.

Adaptability and Innovation: Podcasting allows for creativity and innovation in presenting research. Researchers can experiment with different formats, such as panel discussions, interviews, or storytelling, to find the most engaging and effective ways to communicate their findings.

A compelling case for podcasting as part of your dissemination and promotion plans!

At The SCL Agency, we offer full podcasting support services, from series development through to professional editing and all the steps in between.

We were particularly proud to have mentored and supported Marina Dalton Brown on her journey to becoming an engaging and confident host. Being a good podcast host is more challenging than it appears. It requires a combination of skills, including effective storytelling, engaging communication, and the ability to navigate unscripted conversations, all while maintaining a genuine connection with the audience, which demands a unique set of on-the-spot adaptability and charisma. It demands a level of skill and preparation that often goes underestimated!

PSI are using Health Systems Pathways podcast as a tool to help service users and funders navigate ‘the maze’ of health systems, creating ‘doorways’ (episodes) into themes, navigating the route through the maze.

Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and join them on the journey!

If you are interested in your own bespoke series, or have a person centred approach to research in an existing programme and want to feature on our own Connecting Citizens to Science channel, don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat.








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