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Applying Participatory Methods for Social Change: A Hands-On Learning Session. 6th & 7th July 2023

This practical course will offer participants a chance to learn and try out a range of creative participatory research methods. We will be presenting an overview of the method, how it has been applied in a real-life project and then provide an opportunity for you to have a go. In addition, we will be sharing some useful co-analysis techniques so that you can work with public contributors throughout the research process. We will cover ethics and safeguarding and consideration of power dynamics and how they can manifest using creative participatory research methods.

This is an in-person National Centre for Research Methods course which will be held in Liverpool on the 6th and 7th of July 2023. It will be delivered by our very own experienced methodologist & SCL Agency founder Dr. Kim Ozano together with Dr. Laura Dean, an international Lecturer in social science and global health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and lead of the Social Science and Chronic Disease Research Unit.

Book soon, it's always a sell-out!

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